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Guest Post :: Breastfeeding Two Babies

Saturday, August 20, 2016

I was so happy when Molly volunteered to write for the blog this week. She is an army wife, mother of two beautiful girls, lover of books, taking gorgeously bright photos and yoga! We were neighbors and although we are not anymore, we still keep in touch. Having two kids under two isn't news around here, but tandem nursing two (different ages) is! Isn't it amazing what our bodies can do for our offspring. If you want to follow Molly along, you can find her on Instagram. Thanks girl!

I did not ever plan on nursing two babies simultaneously. I got pregnant right after my daughter Eleanor's first birthday. She was a preemie, and nursing had been initially difficult. Our eventual success was an incredibly rewarding journey. I was, and still am, extremely proud of how many obstacles we overcame. I was unwilling to wean her simply because I was pregnant. I continued to nurse through my pregnancy with the vague notion that Eleanor might lose interest, or that my milk supply would simply dry up. When neither of those possibilities occurred, I just accepted that we would undertake tandem nursing. Now, to be fair, Eleanor was 21 months old when Evelyn was born, and only nursing once or twice a day. It wasn't the same as nursing two ravenous infants.

Before Evelyn was born we talked extensively with Eleanor about how the baby would nurse a lot. We hyped how cool it was to be a big girl and eat real food. We expected some jealousy, but have been pleasantly surprised at how easy going Eleanor has been about seeing her little sister nurse. When Evelyn cries Eleanor will look at me sternly and say, “Nurse!” She has her moments of wanting me all to herself, but many fewer than we anticipated. I do feel an extra dose of pride that my body can entirely sustain one little human while providing a small amount of nutritional benefit for another. 

Perhaps the biggest lesson I've learned from tandem nursing is the difference in what my children need from me. Eleanor isn't nursing for nutrition. She is nursing because she wants comfort. She wants to feel safe and cuddled against her mama. Evelyn is nursing to survive, grow, and develop. I have to pay attention to how long she nurses. I check her latch, and try to make sure she doesn't doze off in the middle of a feeding. Both my girls need me, but in vastly different ways. Tandem nursing has crystallized the way the demands of motherhood will change as my girls get older. Obviously they won't nurse forever; although it seems that way right now. As they age the way we interact will be constantly evolving. It is exciting to see my relationship with each of them grow and change.  

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Miserable or Happy

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

This time of year, it's hectic. The rush of buying new school supplies, organizing schedules, meal plans, diets, budgets, holiday parties and keeping the house together is A LOT. It's like building a block tower. Eventually, you can't add any more blocks to the tower without the inevitable "TIMBER!"
Balancing these to do lists can be stressful, but it's how we handle it that is stressful. Reminding our kids as they step into the classroom again, this sentiment is important for them too. We can be miserable we are in a different class/school/teacher or we can be positive. The effort is the same. Why not put that energy into positive affirmations?
Some ideas for the kids is to keep a daily gratitude journal. It could be as something as simple as they really liked the hot lunch meal or that gym class was outdoors. For adults, your gratitude could be catching that sun rise on the morning commute (instead of the traffic) or the breath that keeps you calm during the 5 o'clock witching hour.
Encouraging each other to find the happiness will build a happier person who shares it with the world. And when you share it, it multiplies. KARMA

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Friday Favorites

Friday, August 12, 2016

If you know me, I'm a big fan of pajamas, especially with all the holidays. Gap just put some of girls and boys online. I was excited to see our mummy set back, because I can get one for amelia!

It's supposed to be 111 degrees today. Library and Target will be in the forecast. I plan on getting this book and hopefully not have a meltdown in the toys department.

Aaron's birthday is Monday and I hope to celebrate one evening this weekend - sans kids. We are going to make an apple pie. How have we gone all summer without making a pie?

Have you seen some of the fall trends this year? I think this skirt could be a good transition piece from summer to fall.

Tips for clean house with kids.

We have been waiting for this since july and I really want it to be here!! I have seen it in so many beautiful homes lately. Have you seen Ambers family photos? She is so darn cute. She has the sofa too! The west elm chair she has pretty much confirms that will be my next purchase too.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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Blueberry Picking

Thursday, August 11, 2016

We went to Dexter, Michigan to pick some blueberries. I probably should have considered the heat, but figured since it was cloudy we would be ok. However, our "up for anything" Eleanor was dragging her heels. Everett usually takes on that roll, but he enjoyed himself and wanted to continue. I know he's totally ready for school to begin. Aching to learn. We talked about nature, farmers, photosynthesis (rain + sun) and money. 

They each had two buckets and found all the blueberries at their eye level. It was a blast! 

I'd like to add that the two big kids picked their outfits today. Heart eyes for matching Aqua blue. 

Also, you would think going to the blueberry farm would mean we brought home a crap ton of blueberries, but you would be wrong. Our bag was so small it cost a quarter and we ate probably double the amount we brought home while "picking" them. 

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Mom Confessions

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Motherhood and all it's glory. These days I'm definitely not naive to the hard times. And I know that these little everyday moments make up a pretty amazing life.

However, there's been one crazy thing after another around here that I just have to get it off my chest. 

I threw a baby stroller across the room this week. No babies (fake or real) were hurt. But damn it felt really good.... So did the f word when I screamed it.  

Amelia was eating a plum at the grocery store and it fell on the floor. I picked it up in less than five seconds and let her have it back. 

Everett and Eleanor opened four boxes of Kleenex that I had purchased at the grocery store and threw them all over the room. It was like a rap video in our family room. Instead of getting pissed, I started doing it wth them. 

I follow JoJo and Jordan on snap chat and I feel like such a stalker. It's not mom related, but I feel better admitting it.  

I'm done with summer break. I need routine. And kids that will sit down to eat. No more "only apples and goldfish in a bowl" diet. 

This whirlwind of a day was only made better by the dogs barking at the mail carrier again. Waking up Eleanor, again. Like they haven't gotten it by now? 

What are some of your mom confessions? So you can make me feel better. . . 

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Friday Favorites

Friday, August 5, 2016

instagram stories have provided so many more places to look at what people are doing. It's making me a little crazy, but for some of my favorite bloggers that aren't on snap chat, I can see some of their creative process with the stories...but i prefer the snap filters.

By now, I hope you know who won the Bachelorette. I think they are cute.

Boy hasPresident Bill aged well...
When we had our college graduation, he was the commencement speaker. People in the front row had cryptic messages on their caps for him, for such educated people you would think they would have something smarter than a hand drawn penis.

olympics start and I am pumped. Michael Phelps to make history!

how amazing is this shibori duvet? I really admire everything Rachel does (did you see the weave I bought from her Smile and Weave Flashsale?), but this is totally my jam. Reminds me of some of the ones I make, but on a larger scale.

I am dying to try this easy recipe this weekend, as long as no one has the virus Amelia picked up this week. Fingers crossed!

i bought this top and i think i need every color.

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Slowburn Yoga

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I caught a yoga class yesterday thanks to my favorite mother in law. I think this is the second class all year I have made it to in a studio. Mostly my practice consists of toddlers climbing on my back, dogs licking my face and dinner simultaneously getting made. It was wonderful to be in a classroom, with my eyes closed for an hour.

As a reminder, Slowburn is a style of yoga, created by Jonny Kest, which is intended for your eyes to remain closed. The postures are always very grounded and you breathe deep belly breaths instead of the ujaii breath in ashtanga or vinyasa. This makes the class a bit slower, but you almost hold the postures longer since each breath is about 2-3 seconds long.
Here was my class taught by Cindy.

Sacred Space
On our backs, hand on the belly

Mini Crunches (Inhale legs straight // Exhale elbow to knee) Repeating to build the breath
Plank (hold for about 1 -2 minutes)

Sun A's Side Bend L & R Hold chatarunga 3 breaths

Sun B's (Meet in Chair - she told a story about when we feel the lowest, we often go back to our roots to fill ourselves up again)
Arms open R, L, Mini backbend, vinyasa
Three legged dog (R)
Crescent on the knee
Extended Side Angle
Reverse Warrior
Dragon Fly Twist
Curtsey Twist
1/2 Moon
Dragonfly Twist
Prayer twist
Left Side
Repeat flowing on our own
Three legged dog with toes pointed towards grounded leg, pushing hands into mat HOLD
Crescent on the toes Tall (HOLD)
Warrior 2 (Hands pointed up - sending love out - love is a boomerang)
Humble Warrior
1/2 nor full splits
Spinal Twist

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